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"The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction not a destination."  - Carl Rogers

After you make initial contact by calling, texting or emailing we'll set up an appointment for a free consultation that can last up to 30 minutes.  We'll do this over the phone and use the time to have chat about what is troubling you and we can use that time to figure out if I am the best person to help you. I'll invite you to go away and think about what we have discussed and then if you want to start working together we'll set up an appointment to start.

I am currently offering online therapy and using zoom for this because of COVID.  If you aren't familiar with it don't worry, I'll help you set it up. 

  • Our first session - As part of out first session we'll talk through our working agreement which will cover things like confidentiality, payment, cancellation and rescheduling. More importantly you'll have an opportunity to share any concerns and ask questions if you want to. Maybe I have mentioned some things here that you'd like to understand more fully. If you've had counselling before we can talk to understand what may or may not have been helpful.  It's a chance for me to clarify what you may come to expect and discuss your hopes, fears and expectations.  We'll also start looking at what's going on for you and the healing will begin. 

I support with care and empathy, empowering you and nurturing your autonomy on the path to change and healing. I am beside you as we create the sessions together. I provide a safe space, one which gives a feeling of being held, where you can share your experiences in confidence.

  • How many sessions do I need? - Therapy with me is open ended so you choose what is best for you.  We can agree a timeline if you would like to but generally with my clients we observe together how things are unfolding. For some clients just 3 sessions can be enough, for some, work can go on over months and for others, long term therapy over a year or more is right for them.  

  • What type of counsellor are you? - I am an Integrative Counsellor meaning I integrate different theories that I have trained in to provide each client with a personalised service to meet their individual needs. I also continue to develop my skills and attend ongoing training which is a requirement of a registered practitioner. The core of my work is Person Centered (see below for to find out more) and from there I may integrate other ways of working that will support you in your journey. I find that integrating other techniques as required can really help clients to identify issues and feelings that may have lay hidden in the unconscious. I have outlined these approaches below if you are curious about them but it isn't necessary for you to know what they are.

Person Centred Counselling 

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (Goal-Oriented)

Transactional Analysis (TA) 

Attachment Theory

Creative Therapeutic Interventions

What To Expect: About Me


Click here to email me at or call/text on 07479682560  

Hangleton Way
East Sussex

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