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Whilst I am available to work in all areas to support therapeutic change and alleviate emotional suffering, I have an advanced understanding and interest in the following areas :-

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Low Self Esteem - Improving your mental health so that your psychological, emotional and social well-being is functioning well.  Building your resilience so you are better equipped to deal with the  stresses we face in life in a healthy way.

Addiction, Pre-Addiction and Compulsive Behaviours - Using focused approaches to look at behaviours impacting your life negatively eg weight management, alcohol/substance misuse, gambling, over spending.  You may not  be an addict but may want to feel more in control. 

If you have a serious addiction issue which I feel I can not help you with, I will refer you to a suitable alternative.

Attachment Styles and Relationship Patterns - Understanding patterns in your relationships, exploring emotional security or concerns about finding the right partner, managing separation anxiety and understanding personal boundaries. Exploring what a healthy relationship is.

Caring for Carers - Supporting people who are looking after a loved one and may be struggling with the responsibility. Looking at self care and 'burn-out' which can manifest as emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Self care is not selfish!

Bereavement and Loss -  Supporting people while they process the death or pre-bereavement of a loved one.  This includes child loss and stillbirth. For some the loss of a pet can be particularly painful and it's impact is often underestimated. Loss can also include the loss of job/career, a relationship, or the end of another important life event which may cause you to question your identity and the meaning of your life. 

If you, or someone you know is terminally ill and require specialist practical, emotional and spiritual support, I highly recommend contacting End of Life Doula U.K (EOLDUK) which you can do here


Click here to email me at or call/text on 07479682560  

Hangleton Way
East Sussex

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