Counselling Options

There are lots of different mediums for working together. Here are the options to choose from.

Face-to-Face Counselling

Our sessions will be held in a purpose created therapy room in my home. The house is also home to my cat and dog which may not be suitable for people with allergies or fear of animals, though the latter could be worked with. I hope the room feels as comfortable, calm and inviting for you as it does for me. It has natural objects, candles, soft furnishings, plants and cloud based artwork. When you arrive you'll be given time to settle into the space and I'll offer you a complimentary herbal tea or water. Unfortunately it's not wheelchair accessible because there are several steps to the house and more to the therapy room. However there are alternative options.

Online Counselling

Face to face meetings are not convenient for everyone especially since COVID so I offer online counselling sessions. The format of the sessions remain the same and I will still be talking to you from my therapy room. Some things to consider when choosing this option is the need to access a quiet, private area for the session where you won't be disturbed or heard (for your confidentiality) and which offers good internet access. 

Telephone Counselling

Another platform of support I am available for is telephone counselling. It is important to note the need to find a quiet, private area where you won't be disturbed in order to receive calls. Again, confidentiality is key in the work so make sure you can't be heard. Telephone counselling can be really effective in allowing some people to open up because it can feel more comfortable.

Therapy in Nature

Nature itself offers a unique and healing therapeutic space. For those of you who may prefer it or want to try it, I offer walking and talking sessions across the local South Downs National Park or alternatively on the quieter parts of Hove beach. All you will need is yourself, suitable footwear and possibly wet weather gear (just in case!).


Click here to email me at or call/text on 07479682560  

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